• It’s Dame Time!

    If Damian Lillard wasn’t a household name before his iconic 37-foot sidestep game-winner, he damn sure is now. Lillard has been among the league’s most elite players for 3-4 years now, but for whatever reason, he never seemed to quite get the credit he was deserved. When debates of the best point guards in the […]

  • March Madness Bracket Busters

    March Madness baby – Let’s Go! You guys have until Thursday to try and put together the perfect bracket. Fun Fact: there has been no confirmed perfect bracket, ever! It’s damn near impossible. The amount of games played in the tournament is far too high for someone to remain perfect from start to finish. Just […]

  • Believeland!

    BELIEVELAND! It’s insane to think, but the NFL’s most historic losing franchise is taking the league by storm. Just two short years removed from finishing the season 0-16, the Browns look like legitimate Super Bowl contenders. General Manager John Dorsey deserves every bit of the credit, and very likely may be the best GM in […]

  • The 2018-2019 All-NBA Teams

    The All-NBA teams are the one award each year where I think the NBA actually gets the selections correct. The All-Star game is quite the joke, and so is the process in which they use to determine their selections. For example, two years ago (2015-2016 season) Damian Lillard wasn’t voted one of the 24 players […]

  • One Person May Be The NFL GOAT Over Tom Brady

    The sports culture is permanent. It’s growing, and it’s here to stay. While many sports are being played worldwide, there are also endless amounts of sports that are being played in only certain regions of the world. Sports come in all varieties. Some will require teamwork, and some will be solely shouldered by one individual […]