What is Daily Duelo?

Daily Duelo are the “free-to-play” parlay and pick’em cash contests.  Pick your favorite sport, find a contest, pick your teams and win real money.  That’s it, there’s no catch.  Here’s the scoop…

-    Daily Contests, Daily Cash, Daily Winners

-    Parlay Bet or Pick’em contests

-    It’s Free to Play

-    Play NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, MMA, Soccer and more

-    You can play with friends (peer-to-peer)

-    Fast, fun, and simple to play

-    Duelo continues to add new features

Our mission here at Duelo is to make sports betting social, fun, and profitable.  Our vision is to bring sports fans closer to each other and the game.

We aim to build a fun community where you can talk sports, bet on games, and actually win money doing so.  One of your biggest advantages to playing Duelo will be better winning odds and winning more frequently.  And best of all, it’s risk-free!

The game plan with Duelo consists of multiple phases.  Phase one, Daily Duelo, will be released in January 2019.  Playing is easy – all you do is find your contest, make your picks, and win that money!  From design to functionality, we built Duelo with simplicity in mind.  It’s fun, free, and easy to play. Hope to see what you got in the contest room!

While you’re enjoying making money with Daily Duelo, we will continue developing and adding more value-added features.  Over the next few months, we will be releasing the Duelo IOS app which will include ongoing updates, including leaderboards, social features, gamification elements, expert picks, peer to peer (head-to-head), and group contests.

How does Duelo compare to other sites like DraftKings or FanDuel?

While DraftKings and FanDuel are both fantasy sports sites, they also offer team pick’em contests where users can share in cash prizes.  The big advantage to play on one of these sites is that the cash prize is typically much larger.  However, that doesn’t mean you win more, nor does it make it any easier to win. Usually playing on FanDuel or DraftKings means you are playing against a significantly larger player pool, which means your odds are not as good.  And if you do win, you’re either sharing with too many players, or you may win $20 for ranking in 800th place out of 500,000 players.  Another disadvantage is that the contests are usually less frequent; Gridiron on FanDuel is a weekly contest.  Many of the contests on Covers (covers.com) last an entire season.  Besides Duelo, we haven’t seen many free daily cash contest websites or apps.

Some of the other well-known sites that offer Pick’em contests are ESPN, SportsLine, Yahoo, and NFL.com.  You’ll run into some of the same advantages and disadvantages with these larger sites. Besides the big sites, there are many other sites and betting apps that have free contests where you can win cash.  The number one thing we noticed is that they’re too difficult to win.  For example, you see many “Streak” contest sites - you have to win 20 games without a loss to get money.  And for doing that, you earn a whopping $20.

Other issues we found are that some sites are way too cluttered.  Sites like Covers and OddsShark are popular sports betting information sites.  They are the best such sites for odds (NFL odds, NCAA football odds, NBA odds, etc.), sports picks, and where to find the best sportsbook.  So understandably they are content heavy. However, this becomes difficult for the casual or recreational bettor who wants to find a simple contest to play for fun without having to sift through tons of information to get to it.

Some people like proposition and player proposition betting sites or apps.  These sites can be fun and engaging, but they can also be time-consuming. Some of them are live play-by-play prop bets, which means you make your bets during the game.  Others are similar to fantasy, in that they involve player research throughout the week.

There are tons of other examples that we can give.  All in all, it depends what floats your boat.  Each site has their own niche.  Duelo is about convenience, having fun with friends, and making money easier than usual.